Oversized, genderless and monochrome. A simple streetwear wardrobe but with attention to detail, scenes of life and spontaneity. COMMON PARIS wants to remind us that we have a lot in common (“Much in Common”).


Pronounced « Hey! » the brand is more than a brand, it’s a culture project to highlight black women and celebrate black creatives in the fashion and other creative industries.

Hello World

Create bold, timeless and durable pocketed clothes to help you gain freedom and power.


Une marque qui allie style, passion, sport et écoresponsabilité.

Bisous Skateboard

Inspirations from the 80s and 90s skate culture, music and our locality on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. 


Parisian fashion house that creates a hybrid men’s wardrobe, adapted to the rhythm of day and night.


Fashion house, Daömey, is a streetwear brand with bold designs and powerful celebrity endorsing. Their way to the streetwear scene is loud with music and basketball inspired designs.

Do You Ear Me

Do you ear me is an earring brand showcasing needs of equality, freedom and nightlife. The brand encompasses fresh design with vibrant colours.